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  • The New York Music Map: From Lady Gaga to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Source:
  • Berliner Morgenpost shows where people in Berlin come from – Hamburg ranks first (Source:
  • 1 million tweets in real time by maptimize (Source:
  • 3D modelling with WebGL based on Earth Bathymtetry with data from NASA (Source:
  • The artist Chaotic Atmospheres wants to show the influence that major cities have on their surroundings – e.g. Venice (Source:


From the NYC Music Map to Earth Bathymetry in 3D: Our Top 5

Data is everywhere. And if you want to know what’s behind pure numbers, combine them with location and transform this into a vivid visualization. That’s the best way to get the full picture. This is, what we do at Ubilabs. And what we are always looking for. This week’s top 5 show you some inspiring examples of data visualization: From Berlin’s inhabitants to 1 million tweets on a map to earth bathymetry.

Who are “the Berliners”?

Have you ever been to Berlin and realized you just meet people from everywhere in the world rather than "real Berliners"? Every second person you meet in Berlin will tell you he/she is born elsewhere. A statistic now shows for the first time in detail where “the Berliners” come from. The newspaper Berliner Morgenpost put birthplaces of Berlin’s inhabitants on a map, cities where at least 100 registered people come from. Who are the Nr. 1 newcomers in Berlin? Natives of Hamburg.

One million tweets on a map

Maptimize put tweets on a map – in real-time. Play with filters and see, where most of the last one million tweets are sent wolrd wide. Zoom in and read the messages of a lonesome user in the middle of an ocean or from one out of thousands in New York.

New York’s famous musicians – mapped

New York is a city full of music and sound. It has a breathing hum. People, traffic, construction works and nature – and in between: music-makers on every block. Now you can find them on a map: The New York Music Map is a project by Kingdom Collective, in collaboration with music journalist/Creative Director Frank Broughton and illustrator Adam Hayes. The map is an attempt to capture New York City’s most significant music-makers. If you click on a name you get links to the website, music channels and a little description of the chosen artist.

From Buenos Aires to Tokyo: 3D Flowing City Maps

International metropolises seem to spill over onto their environment. Chaotic Atmospheres, a Swiss artist (aka Istvan), wanted to show the influence that major cities have on their surroundings. So he launched a colored series of 3D maps to show the effect of the erosion. Called 3D Flowing City Maps, Istvan used World Machine, a tool for 3D creation that simulates realistic grounds.

Explore our planet in 3D

Have you ever heard of bathymetry? Wikipedia tells you: Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors. Here you can play with Earth in 3D. What does it look like without water? Zoom in, press W, R, U and P and find it out!