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  • Deep-Insights by CartoDB, a complete collection of interactive widgets and command controls that can be added to the UI (Source:
  • The travelguide by lonelyplanet that is always with you, no matter if you’re online or offline (Source:
  • A vision of the future by the NASA in the form of posters (Source:
  • Smellymap shows London and other big cities in terms of colours ordered by the categories emission, nature, animal, food and waste (Source:
  • A gimmick for weather forecasts while programming by Mehdi Kabab a french developer (Source:


Offline Guide, Visions of the Future and a Slightly Different Weather Display

Do you want to know which mixed odors your nose has to expect in big cities like London? How you can navigate offline? What are the visions of the NASA about our future? And of course you want to know, how the weather will be. Read our top 5, there is a link for everything. 

Your Nose: a big data machine

We all know the situation if someone tells us “you smell good (or bad)”. But have you ever thought about the question how a city smells? This question is not answerable with good or bad. The smellymap tries to answer this question by sorting odors in categories and visualizing them on a map. The data for the categories emission, nature, animal, food and waste were captured from social media data. Check out London and other big cities and prepare your nose for the next big trip

Travel guide online and offline

Traditional guidebooks are often incomplete and not up-to-date. Lonely-Planet managed to develop a guide for iOS and Android which is useable online and offline. The app comes with filtering, bookmarking navigations map and many other specials like your good old guidebook, just even better and lighter. We recommend for your next trip: The travel guide

All-in-one visualization

Deep Insights is a new location intelligence tool from CartoDB. The technology enables visualization, dynamic filtering, and exploration of large location datasets at unprecedented scale. Furthermore the Nutiteq SDK enables online and offline maps, GIS data editing and 3D features, now with the technology of CartoDB. Check out both, Deep-Insights and Nutiteq, it’s worth it ...

Future destinations

What does the future look like? Imagine a travel to other planets would be as normal as a flight from London to Hamburg is nowadays. What do you expect, what you’ll see? The NASA created some Images of Ideas of imaginative travel destinations in the future. What’s your favorite destination?

The weather forecast for nerds

A method to check the weather for the next days? No problem, search for the keyword “weather” and you will find hundreds of results. A method to check the weather for the next days while you’re programming? Shouldn’t be a problem anymore, follow the link and see how it works.