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  • Most oft the search queries for 'migration to Germany' are reportedly from Afghanistan (
  • Fly the drone over the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg (
  • Enjoy a 360° panorama from the rooftop of the Elbphilharmonie and explore the cultural scene in Hamburg (
  • Visit to the seabird colonies at Hornøya with 3D (
  • Pokewalk is the ultimate solution for couch potatoes playing Pokémon GO (Source:


Pokémon GO Made Easy

Do you love Pokémons but would prefer not to get up from your couch? Our top 5 links reveal the ultimate secret so you can still reach the highest level – and get there faster than your friends...

Google Searches & Migration in G7 countries 

Around the world, the G7 countries are popular places for immigration. Which of the world’s people are most interested in emigrating to France, Germany or the USA? Citylab analyzed Google search queries between 2004 and 2016 and visualized the data on a map

Clever Pokémon GO players use Pokewalk

Are you Pokémon GO fan, but too lazy to walk? Pokewalk is at your service! Professional runners do work for you and catch the little monsters for you with your mobile phone. From time to time they also take care of making sure your battery is adequately charged. How practical! Sign up to get informed when and where Pokewalk will be launched. 

Seabirds’ habitat in 3D

East of Istanbul, and far north of the Arctic Circle, lies Hornøya. Fly over the island of Hornøya and see 3D images no other travel guide can offer you. The tiny island and its inhabitants are presented with beautiful virtual background images.

A flight to the Elbphilharmonie

Experience the Elbphilharmonie from the perspective of a drone. Decide where you want to go: on the roof or perhaps once around the tower. While in flight, you’re also provided with interesting information on the architecture and construction of Hamburg’s philharmonic.

A view of the Elbphilharmonie: Discover Hamburg’s top locations

The 110-meter high Elbphilharmonie offers a one-of- a-kind view of the city. To better connect visitors with the city’s cultural hotspots, the operators of the website offer a full list of clubs, cultural attractions, and excursions. Definitely worth seeing!