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  • Deepen your knowledge about refugees in Germany (Source:
  • Flexbox Froggy: 24 levels are waiting for you! (Source:
  • Sheep as far as the eye can see:
  • Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (Source: by NASA Goddard)
  • Surging Seas: Which sea level will we lock in? (Source:


Rising Sea Levels, Sheep From All Over the World and a Simple Game

The range of this week’s links goes from earth to sun and back. Take in every minute of NASA’s video of our life-giving star, make some wild guesses on and play the froggy game.

1. Sinking like Venice

The UN Climate Change Conference is in full progress in Paris at the moment but the Climate Central and the Potsdam Institute of Climate Impact Research take action now. These info maps show us the rising of the sea level in relation to global warming. The data is based on peer-reviewed scientific research and it is quite shocking to see cities vanish underwater like sinking ships. You can choose whether you compare scenarios – like “unchecked pollution vs extreme carbon cuts” – or temperatures and see on a split screen, how differently the changes would be.

2. What do you know about life as a refugee in Germany?

The increase of refugees all over the world hasn’t gone unnoticed by most people. Even though many citizens in Germany try to help and welcome people that have lost their homes and loved ones, not everyone is familiar with the facts behind the so called “refugee crisis”. At you can verify how much you know about the world wide exodus and the process of granting asylum.

3. The sun in different light

The NASA shares a close-up look at the amazing light of the sun in ultra high definition. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory captured the different solar materials the sun radiates 24 hours every day. The pictures are taken in ten different wavelengths and show the various temperatures of the sun’s rays in astounding detail. This video presents the “lightshow” of the sun in a way, we promise, you have never seen before.

4. People who stare at sheep

Moving on to a more entertaining link, we would like to present you: google sheep view. Although the title promises differently, this project is not sponsored or initiated by Google. Matching the “Year of Sheep” in 2015, the artist Ding Ren and theorist Mike Karabinos like to find and stare at sheeps via Google Street View. Click through their findings here and discover sheep all over the world.

5. Playful learning CSS

Flexbox Froggy is our last link this week and a fun distraction for all frontend developers. Code through the game with CSS and help the froggy and his friends. 24 levels of fun and game – who is going to be the first to finish?