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  • This interactive map tracks every publicly reported incident with weapons since 2015 (Source:
  • It is lightning and rumbling all the time (Source:
  • Can you identify this city? Read full article to get the answer (Source:
  • Special poster series with new city maps of all hosting cities of the Euro 2016 (Source:
  • In VR mode, the network scanner shows the invisible digital signals (Source:


Storms in Real-Time and Nice Euro Souvenirs

A coloring book as a city quiz, locations out of reach, and the European Championship grounds: The top 5 links this month.

An invisible cloud

How do you get away from the daily flow of information and electromagnetic radiation? The White Spots app maps electromagnetic fields – and thus dead zones – across the globe. Discover nearby locations where you can leave the networked world behind.

City quiz rethought

Paris, Barcelona, Tokyo, New York – surely you can recognize these cities immediately based on their landmarks. But it’s much harder when your template is a black and white map from a coloring book. Do you recognize the cities in “City Maps: A Coloring Book for Adults”? By the way: The picture above shows Moscow. 

Death is no accident

In the USA, weapons are more and more frequently turning into deadly toys. This map shows what can happen if weapons aren’t stored securely. Based on the #NotAnAccident index, this map shows reported gun deaths of individuals under the age of 17 since 2015.

Summertime is the right time for storms

Support for festival goers that don’t want to be hit by lightning: shows storms and lightening in real-time on the world map.

Map art for the European Championship

Treat yourself to a unique souvenir of the European Championship in France. Artist Luis Dilger has presented the cities where the games are being held as an artistic poster series.