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  • Creativity and code on Android (
  • Hearing Colours (Video on Vimeo by Greg Brunkalla)
  • I know where your cat lives (Source:
  • American Literature's most epic Road Trips (Source:; map created by Steven Melendez)
  • World's Time Zones (Source:; map created by Branden Rishel)


From Time Zones to Cat Maps: Our Top 5 Inspirations of the Week

Our top 5 links are once again perfect for all of you – wether you love cats, are fond of travelling or like to play with android. 

Roadtrips are wonderful – especially when you can sit in your cosy wing chair. This map shows the obsessively detailed map of american literature’s most epic road trips

Have you ever wondered about time zones around the world? Here you can see that a few countries like China or Nepal and territories have clear outlines due to weird time zone decisions.

This guy turns his otherness into an advantage: After convincing his doctors to implant an antenna into the back of his head, Neil now possesses a new sense – the ability to hear colors. Watch the video! 

Cat lovers post millions of pics displaying how cute their darlings are. The project “I Know Where Your Cat Lives” shows all these photos on an interactive map. Visit this map – but be careful, if you love cats too: the “random search”-button may cause addiction.

Android was created as an open and flexible platform, giving people more ways to come together to imagine and create. The website aims to document creative experiments like these and make them open source so anyone can see how they are made.