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  • Amsterdam’s buildings sorted to different year’s of construction (Source:
  • Immerse into past times with the movie “Loving Vincent” (Source:
  • Check-in data of Istanbul visualized by Foursquare (Source:
  • Air pollution in London measured by the pigeon air patrol (Source:
  • Battles and wars on an interactive map (Source:


Paintings of Van Gogh and Pigeon Air Patrol: Our Top 5

Experience pulsating cities around the world, artfully visualized in short movies. Explore the evolution of wars in history on a map. Discover the age of Amsterdam’s buildings with an exciting map and get inspired by the production of a new art film of Van Gogh. And: What is the story behind the Pigeon Air Patrol? Read our top 5 links of the week.

Lively cities 

The city that never sleeps – that is no longer just New York. Istanbul, London, Chicago, Tokyo, San Francisco: life pulsates in all these cities 24/7. Foursquare visualizes this pulse by recording every app check-in on a map. See the video results.

Time lapse war – the significant truth

"Life was better in past times" – is it true? A map based on the data management platform notegoat shows the development of past battles to current wars. What do you think, are there more or less wars than hundred years ago?

The new air patrol

Pigeons are measuring air conditions of London. You don’t believe it? It’s true! Little measure instruments on the back of pigeons analyse the air quality. The Pigeon Air Patrol was invented by the Plume Labs to collect data for the Plume Air Report, an air quality forecast app. See where you can breathe fresh air.  

Amsterdam: How old is your house?

At first glance it looks like a church mosaic window. Then it turns out to be a map of Amsterdam. The houses are displayed in different colors. The color of the house depends on the year of construction. What do you think, where are the oldest houses in Amsterdam?

Loving Vincent – a tribute to Van Gogh

"Loving Vincent" will be the first feature-length painted animation of the world. Created by more than hundred painters, using the same techniques as Van Gogh, the film features 12 oil paintings per second. Enjoy the spectacular movie preview and immerse into the world of Vincent van Gogh.