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  • Visit 007's venues with the James Bond Travel Map by Esri (
  • Air pollution in real time (Source:
  • Atlas of Prejudices by Yanko Tsvetkov (Source:
  • Search, drag and compare countries by size (Source:


Get Inspired! Visit the Venues of 007 and Understand the Real Size of Nations

Are you planning your next vacation? How about getting inspired by the one and only Mr. Bond. And while you are already looking at a map, why don’t you take a look at your country from the point of view of everyone else. We proudly present you: Our top five of the week!

1. My name is Bond...

No place on earth is too far away for the MI5 Agent: Madagascar, Siberia, Iceland and many more. This map illustrates and explains all the locations of every Bond film ever made. The travels are divided by a total of nine Bond actors and some have even been visited twice. Curious if you have already been to one of the Bond sites?

2. The world in its real size

This interactive map helps you to discover the real size of each country on this planet. The challenge to depict the world in 2D has already been taken in the 16th century by using the Mercator projection. The result: a map of the world as we know it today. The projection causes distortions in the depiction of the country’s sizes, leading to the impression that a country like Greenland is the same size as the african continent. But as promised, this map is different. Have a look for yourself!

3. Air pollution in real time

The polluters of our world might not always be the ones that we thought. Did you know that the town Uppsala in Sweden is the most polluted one in Europe? If you would like to find out how healthy your part of the world is, check out this map and you will get the Air Quality in real time.

4. The Deutsche Bahn enhances transparency

The company “Deutsche Bahn” that owns almost all of the train route network in Germany, published their general data. Information about platforms, stops, branch locations, network radar and geo data of the construction of the new train station “Stuttgart 21” is now online. The information is free of charge and available as CSV or Excel here.

5. Prejudices of the world

Fools, bad skiers and dwarfs, to name only the rather kind stereotypes that exist all over the world. This amazing visualisation shows how many prejudices we have against each other, some more funny, some more ignorant. Nonetheless it reminds us that we have to think outside the box. Nevermind how many miles or languages separate us we should go see the world to make up our own minds.