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Perfect conditions for vacation planning: simply select weather and start traveling

Guiding vacationers to their perfect destination with our travel weather web app

When planning a trip, many wishes must be taken into account. In many cases, the weather plays a central role in the selection of a vacation destination. But how do you match vacationers with a destination that fits their ideas of temperature or number of rainy days and where there is a good deal on a hotel room or a flight?

Together with, we looked at existing solutions to this challenge and found that travel providers rarely include weather information in the booking process. We therefore developed an approach that makes it easier for booking portals, for example, to enable vacationers to select their destination based on weather data. Using an interactive map application designed entirely according to the customer's wishes, travelers can search for the perfect destination with their own personal climate preferences, while travel providers simultaneously have the opportunity to highlight the best offers.

The online weather portal gave us access to their treasure trove of weather data, from which we can pull data on the average number of hours of sunshine or the number of rainy days per month, for example. We translated this data into a user-friendly interface that gives users as many choices as possible without overwhelming them.

Some like it hot: Simply select the desired weather conditions

In order to keep the user experience of the application as high as possible, we spent a long time thinking about which data is really important for vacation planning and how detailed it should be made selectable. In our demo, we therefore deliberately limited the selection options in the interface:

  • For the vacation period, we opted for a selection by seasons instead of months.
  • We have turned the metrics of average sunny and rainy days into a slider where the user:in only has to choose between " sunny", "rather dry" and "any weather".
  • In addition, there are sliders for air temperature and water temperature for selecting the desired temperature range, which can be disabled if needed.

On the map, locations matching the metrics are highlighted with Advanced Markers, which can be adapted to the website design and the brand's corporate design. Clicking on a specific location displays additional information, such as a short text or the exact weather data for the selected time period. A call-to-action button, which can be linked to a specific offer or a further landing page, rounds off the detailed information. This makes it extremely easy for vacationers to book their vacation directly with the provider - and the provider can store individualized information about the vacation offers.

As individual as our customers: Design and filter options configurable as desired

The connection options to existing systems are particularly valuable for travel providers. For example, special offers, flight prices or available last-minute offers can be automatically imported into the map from other databases or systems. In this way, we avoid time-consuming duplicate maintenance of the systems. At the same time, we ensure that the most relevant offer is always communicated to the end customer.

All controllers are individually expandable or can be displayed in even more detail if desired. Since the solution is based on the Google Maps Platform, it is also possible to integrate further Google Maps features and to adapt the map to the respective requirements. In addition, further data such as the weather in the next week, pictures or flight times can be added in the info box.

Once the solution has been handed over to our customer, we are happy to assist with extension requests or provide support.

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