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  • JS Unconf Token (Source: Ubilabs)
  • Robert Katzki at a talk (Source: Ubilabs)
  • Active exchange between two team members (Source: Ubilabs)
  • Good atmosphere in our team (Source: Ubilabs)
  • Interested participants collecting new ideas (Source: Ubilabs)


Major Contributions to an Extraordinary JS Unconf 2015 by Ubilabs

370 participants, 28 talks within two days and three get-together parties: This year JS Unconf reached a higher level.

We are really proud of our team – Robert Katzki, Martin Kleppe, Philipp Hinrichsen and Frank Mecklenburg – that played a major role in the organisation of the event. Ubilabs sponsored the party at saturday night and took care for free beer. And everyone who was able to solve our riddle printed on the tokens got even more free drinks. Do you find out what it means?