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  • Cheers again to 10 years! (Source: private)
  • Summer party, Ubilabs style. (Source: Ubilabs)
  • Special guests: Ubilabs’ mascots Selma and Pete. (Source: private)
  • Getting cozy around the campfire. (Source: private)
  • Teambuilding activity or just keeping warm? Doesn’t matter as long as it’s fun. (Source: private)


Ubilabs Summer Party: Celebrating the anniversary, again

A stiff breeze and a drizzle can’t keep Ubilabs from having fun. After the “official” anniversary party in March, we decided it was time for another celebration. Ubilabs will only turn 10 once, after all! So the team got back together with their friends and families for a summer party that was quite typical for this part of the country.

It doesn’t take much to make us happy: great people, great food, and great fun. And as long as we’re happy, we don’t even mind the typical Northern German weather. For the Ubilabs summer party on June 23rd, we said goodbye to the city and took the tour to an old farm north of Hamburg. With tents, patio heaters, and a campfire, the 60 guests braved the elements while the younger ones kept warm on the trampoline and in the playground. And what’s not to be missed at a good party? The food, of course. The afternoon had coffee and home-baked cookies and cakes in store. Staying for dinner was worthwhile as well – with antipasti, BBQ, and desserts. The leftovers were dished up for breakfast the next day since quite a few Ubis stayed the night and slept in their camper vans and tents.

Special thanks go to everyone involved in organizing the party and of course to everyone for coming!