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Google Cloud

Trainings and workshops: Expertise for Cloud and Data

Profound knowledge and tangible use cases for a quick start in cloud & data analytics

Trainings for each level

We provide you with sound knowledge, show you specific applications and facilitate your rapid entry into cloud and data analytics. Our cloud experts support you, whether it concerns the basics of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), data analysis, the preparation of architectural diagrams, setting up data warehouses or generating insights with Looker, in the integration and use of the Google data platform. Tailored individually to your company and your specific use case – and always with long-term added value.

1. Start: Foundation & Evaluation

Do you wish to know how your business can benefit from the cloud? Our workshops provide you with basic knowledge and a schedule for the next steps.


Cloud Start workshop

You’ll learn the basics of Google Cloud and understand what it offers for your business. Together, we discuss opportunities, feasibility and challenges — and identify initial cloud projects.

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Cloud Start Data Analytics-Workshop

You will learn the basics of data analytics in the Google Cloud. Together we will discuss opportunities, feasibility and challenges - and identify first data analytics projects.

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2. Plan: Strategy & Planning

Having opted for Google Cloud Platform, do you wish to harness the potential of your data and get started on a certain project? These workshops provide you with sound knowledge that you can immediately put into practice.


Cloud Plan workshop

Together we develop a design and architecture diagram for your application. You will receive a well-founded total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis and a proof of concept.

Data Strategy workshop

We discuss which questions you wish to answer in the context of data exploration – and what sort of data is available in what format. You will learn how your data warehouse is structured and how it should be ideally set up. We take a closer look at the topic of data engineering. You will learn the basics of data analysis and machine learning and discover how to leverage data throughout your company.

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3. Deploy: Cloud

You wish to create the technical foundations for a successful migration and implement your first projects in the cloud? The practice-oriented Deploy workshops focus on all technical issues related to cloud migration.


GCP Foundation training

Following an introduction to the basics of how to set up your GCP infrastructure, you will learn how to set up GCP so that you can get started straight away:

  • Products and services
  • Project organization
  • Billing
  • Networking
  • Cloud identity, access control (IAM)
  • Privacy, security, encryption
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DevOps Cloud training

Deep dive into the technical basics of building a CI/CD pipeline:

  • Set-up of organization and projects; development with GCP
  • Lift & shift of CI/CD
  • Monitoring & logging
  • Terraform vs. cloud deployment – privacy, security, encryption
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3. Deploy: Data

You would like to acquire technical knowledge about data warehousing and migration, work with real-time data and create company-wide access to data using Looker? The practice-oriented Deploy workshops focus on the most important technical issues related to the successful use of data.

Data Warehouse Modernization training

This covers various migration concepts as well as the set-up of a data warehouse – always based on best practices and with a high practical content tailored to your application.

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Streaming Data Analytics training

Hands-on training that covers the gathering, storage, processing, and visualization of real-time data over the entire data lifecycle.

Looker Foundations training

A workshop on setting up Looker and training focused on making the best possible use of it to successfully implement a data-driven approach to work throughout your organization – including an introduction to LookML and best practices.

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Fees & Duration

Together we create a strong foundation for you to work in the cloud. The workshops are held in small groups of up to 12 participants – remotely or at your location.

Due to the current situation, we conduct all training online.


  • 1-day workshops: from €3.600
  • Multiple-day workshops: from €5.400

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