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Google Maps for companies

Functions, applications, and integration of the Google Maps Platform

The foundation for customized applications

With Google Maps you can develop customized map-based applications for your company. Whether a static or interactive map, mobile or browser-based, with the Google Maps Platform you can integrate customizable maps into shops, websites, apps, and business software.

Take advantage of the leading role of Google Maps among your target audience: With a billion users per month, Google Maps is one of the most popular map providers – and offers you an infrastructure that enables easy scaling.

All maps services from one source

The Google Maps Platform comprises Maps, Places and Routes.

Google Maps is usually the basis of any map application for displaying data with a location reference. With custom markers, lines, colors, polygons, and images, you can create a layout that is tailored to your company.

Places provides comprehensive location data for over 100 million locations around the world. Users receive important guidance and decision-making assistance in the form of addresses, opening hours and contact details plus ratings and reviews.

With Routes, you get comprehensive, real-time data and traffic information to show users the shortest or fastest route from A to B.

Integration of Google Maps

Maps – for interactive maps aplications

  • Store locator and branch search
  • Interactive maps for a travel booking portal
  • Localization of cars, bicycles and scooters
  • Display of free spaces in a parking lot app
  • Optimization of sales territories
  • Map views for classified ads apps
  • Street View to show real estate

Routes – route planning

  • Resource planning for delivery services
  • Predicting arrival time (ETA) for logistics and transport
  • Route optimization for logistics companies
  • Route directions to hotels and restaurants
  • Range planning for electric vehicles
  • ‘Travelling Salesman’ application cases

Places – location data

  • Autocomplete ensures correct address is entered at checkout
  • Location determination for vehicles (asset tracking)
  • Geocoding for postal services
  • Analyses for site selection
  • Optimization of sales territories
  • Points of interest in a travel app

As an international Google Maps licensee, we use almost all available Google Maps APIs and SDKs for Sixt and myDriver. In Ubilabs we have found a reliable partner that can advise us on our license volume by phone and on site at any time and provides professional support in optimizing usage.

Jean-Philippe Defiebre – Head of Online Product Management, Sixt

Partner advantages

We are a leading Google Cloud Partner specializing in Google Maps in DACH – and offer you a number of advantages:

  • Google Cloud from a single source: Maps, Cloud, Looker and Google Workspace
  • Price advantages especially for larger volumes
  • Free US$200 credit for Google Maps usage
  • Personal consulting on the integration and optimal ROI of Google Maps
  • Reliable support from dedicated contact person 
  • Payment by invoice instead of credit card
  • For corporations: framework agreements & settlement to cost centers

Industry solutions based on Google Maps

Classifieds portals:
finding the best deal quickly

A German classifieds portal maintains its leading role thanks to Google Maps. The map display in the app and on the website enables customers to quickly find their destination and calculate their route. Autocomplete, the automatic completion of addresses in forms, ensures that the address exists and that the customer or product arrives safely at the destination.

Google Maps for delivery services:
hot pizza for the customer

Above all delivery services, which have to face the challenges of the ‘last mile’, benefit enormously from interactive maps and the services of the Google Maps Platform. When used internally, Google Maps enables optimal scheduling and thus efficient use of delivery vehicles. The customer can enjoy shorter delivery times – and knows exactly when he can set the table, as he can track where his order is via a map displayed in the app.

let your customers find their dream destination

A great hotel no longer suffices as a destination for today’s tourism customers. The journey has to be perfect, and so the surroundings must also be right: places of interest, nature experiences and shopping opportunities, plus good connections to the airport or train station. That is why successful tour operators are integrating Google Maps into their booking platforms. Thanks to Street View, the customer gets an impression of the hotel and can calculate the travel time straight away and view nearby points of interest including opening hours on the interactive map.

High-quality interactive maps are a key asset for our customers. That’s why we’ve relied on Google Maps for years – and on the reliable support of Ubilabs experts.

Georg Ziegler – Head of Content, Holidaycheck

Industry examples from our customers

Smart Mobility, Transport & Logistics

A customer developing location monitoring solutions uses the Google Maps Places API to verify location names, addresses, ratings, comments, and opening hours.

As a bike-sharing provider, one of our customers uses the Google Maps API to locate bikes and calculate the fastest route to the nearest bike. The market leader in car-sharing uses Google Maps as the central navigation element to start the booking route for the selected car.

Real Estate

The Google Maps APIs are also a central component in the user journey for the market-leading real estate portal Immoscout24. The Google map makes it easier for house buyers and apartment seekers to filter out the right property from the wide range on offer: they can limit their search to a certain radius and a self-selected area and take into account corresponding commuting times. The map is also an important element of the description in order to visualize information about the location that is relevant to the user – such as shopping opportunities, solar potential, and cellphone networks. The data for this comes from the Google Places API and from third-party providers.


The tourism company e-Hoi uses the Google Maps APIs to provide its users with relevant location information while searching for holiday homes and cruises. The ship’s route is displayed on a dynamic map, allowing users to explore the itinerary in advance. Another feature is distance calculation using the Directions API; this makes it possible to determine the travel time to the holiday home and helps with the decision whether to travel by car or public transport. To make data entry easier for users and reduce abandonment rates, the autocomplete feature of the Places API is integrated into the booking form.

Fintech and Insurtech

The European financial institution Danskebank uses the Google Maps Platform to help its customers find their way to the nearest branch, the next consulting appointment or the nearest ATM.

Payback, the largest bonus program in Germany, uses an interactive Google map in its branch finder to provide an overview of all of the stores where points can be collected.

Retail and E-Commerce

Douglas, one of our retail customers, uses a Google Maps-based store finder to provide all of the important information such as opening hours, parking, and distance to the nearest store. In the online shop, customers can also see whether their desired product is available in a nearby store.

The global food start-up Marley Spoon offers its customers recipe boxes on a subscription basis. The company uses Google Maps to ensure that the boxes reach their destination safely and quickly. Address verification and the autocomplete function, which shorten the purchase process and facilitate mobile login, are particularly important for successful delivery.

An international fashion group based in Germany also uses Google Maps to ship its goods: the customer can select the nearest Packstation and also view all of the branches on the map.