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Our review of the year 2022

These people, events and topics moved us in 2022

One year, 365 days, 72 kilos of coffee and billions of map loads: The year 2022 was another exciting one for us. Here we show some of our highlights in a cross-section of events, projects and special occasions.

  • Team Escape bei der Weihnachtsfeier
  • Das Team ist steht bereit für den großen Teamausflug im Mai
  • Besichtigung in der Zeche Zollverein
  • Segelausflug auf der Alster - nur 10 min vom Hamburger Büro entfernt
  • Segeltour auf der Alster
  • Die Videokonferenzen bleiben uns natürlich erhalten
  • Mittagspause an der frischen Luft

Team & Events

15 years of Ubilabs - and every year it remains exciting! This year was not only an anniversary year for us, we also finally experienced events "in real" again and sat together as a team "on site". From the hermits behind the monitor, we again became small groups that swarmed through the office on a daily basis, to the very large group appearances at team events and excursions.

  • GF Jens Wille und Branddirektor David von der Lieth stellten auf der Google Cloud Next im Leader's Circle unser gemeinsames Standorttool vor
  • Sabrina Jodexnis hielt einen Vortrag zu Accessible Maps auf dem DevFest Hamburg
  • Patrick Mast präsentierte unser Climate from Space Projekt bei der esa
  • An vier Tagen leiteten wir durch einen Workshop zum Thema Geodaten für die GIZ, einen Vortrag hielt auch Dr. Pierre Gras vom Urban Data Hub Hamburg.
  • Das Oktoberfest haben wir uns am Münchner Standort nicht nehmen lassen
  • Achim Tack war auf der "Geo for Good" zum Austausch über nachhaltige Technologien unterwegs.
  • Dennis Hoffmann und John Jackson auf der Cloud Expo in Frankfurt

Customer Events

The year was marked by exciting talks and personal interactions with customers in workshops and at events! Among these highlights were:

  • The invitation to the Leader's Circle from Google
  • Presentation at the esa Colocation meeting
  • Presentation at the DevFest Hamburg about Accessible Maps
  • Data workshops for the fire department and GIZ
  • Google Partner booth at the Cloud Expo
  • and much more

Topics that moved us

From geo-based location tools for the Dusseldorf fire department to prototypes for intelligent traffic control and climate observations by esa - we were once again involved in many projects and topics:

  • This tool analyses the reachability for fire and rescue stations

    Location planning for fire and rescue stations is a lengthy process that requires costly reachability analysis by engineering firms. We developed an analysis tool for the Dusseldorf fire brigade that calculates these coverage analyzes in seconds.

  • Weather maps for t-online

    From storm squalls to pollen load - for a long time now, a weather map has had to be able to do more than just display the precipitation and temperature for the next few days. For t-online, we developed an optimized weather map with numerous data layers.

  • New Data-driven styling feature from Google Maps Platform

    The new Data-driven styling feature from Google Maps Platform provides some long awaited features. We built a demo for Google to showcase the new functions and present the innovations and potential use cases in this article.

  • EDDY project drives innovation in urban traffic

    With an Urban Dynamic Map, the EDDY (European Digital Dynamic Mapping) research project aims to create a central platform for data exchange and situation assessment for self-driving cars. As one of the project partners, we provide, process and visualize dynamic traffic data and show you the first prototypes of our traffic twins.

Our year in numbers:

  • 4 "Ubilabs" babies have seen the light of day
  • 3 dogs now occasionally visit our office
  • 14 hours in a row lasted the longest game
  • 72 kilos of coffee we drank
  • Ubilabs turned 15 years old - by the way, all of us together are 1,363 years old!
  • 30,044 messages were posted in Slack channels and on top of that 118,602 direct messages were sent
  • 455,820 emails were received, 29,276 emails were sent
  • 1,222,317,113 map loads registered

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and companions for this exciting year! We are very much looking forward to shaping the coming year again together with you and with you!

Do you already have ideas, suggestions or questions for the coming year? Do you want to get started in the coming year? We are happy to help!