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  • Kiten! Nothing more to say ... (photo: privat)
  • If they are not at the office the trio is at the Waterkant (photo: privat)
  • Part-time office dogs Pete & Selma (photo: privat)
  • Annika Bock, Project Owner at Ubilabs (photo: Ubilabs)


Annika Bock: Manages Projects and Office Dog Selma

Who are the people at Ubilabs? With a team of 40 employees, it is clear that diverse characters meet. Everyone brings their particular skills, strengths, and preferences - and also special passions, such as Annika Bock, who is drawn to the Waterkant almost every weekend.

Which is your position at Ubilabs?
I am Project Owner and Manager of the Happiness Department (the office dog Selma).

When did you start working for Ubilabs?
I have been working here since August 2014.

What do you do specifically every day?
I take care that our customers get exactly what they want, with all the obstacles and challenges that need to be solved. Unfortunately, I can not describe it more specifically – the customers and projects are much too different.

What do you like most about it?
The moment when both the team and the customer are proud of the result.

What was your highlight here this year?
The Mokli web app for Karuna Berlin. The project around a contact point finder for disconnected teenagers was incredibly fun, due to the great cooperation with the customer, and also because the application can help people properly. 

What do you particularly appreciate about Ubilabs?
I appreciate the latitude in a somewhat regulated framework – and that everyone is valued and respected as a person.

If you do not work, ...
… I am at the North Sea, with my van, my dog, and my kite, and enjoy the strong breeze. On the highway I am blowing songs from various genres – at this point a thank you to my vocal teacher Elena, which shows me how the whole thing can also sound well.

Thanks for the interview!