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  • The topics at UX Camp HH 2017 were diverse, ranging from deep learning and chatbots to Sketch demonstrations. (ⓒ Inga Seevers)
  • The most exciting thing about a barcamp? Setting up the timetable! (ⓒ Inga Seevers)
  • UX Camp slots were methodically diverse as well with talks, discussions, hands-on workshops, and tool demonstrations. (ⓒ Inga Seevers)
  • The organisational team was not only busy prior to the event, but also made sure the UX Camp ran smoothly. (ⓒ Inga Seevers)
  • Organising can be fun too! Erik Scheibner (r.) and his organisational team mates testing the UX Camp photo booth.


UX Camp HH: Ubilabs sponsors User Experience Barcamp

User experience is key when it comes to (map) applications and is of utmost importance for designers, developers, and product managers alike. Ubilabs’ UX/UI team members Erik Scheibner and Mirko Hamann took part in the UX Camp HH, which revolved around all things user experience, and share their thoughts in the interview.

Sketch React, chatbots, and efficient collaboration at UX Camp HH  

User experience is the buzzword at the moment, and rightly so! An application that doesn’t focus on user needs misses its point. But not only designers should be concerned about UX, it should also concern developers and product managers alike. Taking place at SinnerSchrader on July 29, UX Camp HH brought together these different professions. Ubilabs sponsored the barcamp and was on-site with UX/UI team members Erik Scheibner and Mirko Hamann. Senior UI/UX Erik supported the organisational team as a volunteer; for UX designer Mirko it was the first time at UX Camp HH. Check out the interview and find out how they liked the UX event.

Hi guys, first things first: What was your motivation to get up early on Saturday morning to go to UX Camp HH?

Mirko: I’m working as a UX designer at Ubilabs, so naturally the barcamp was the perfect fit for me topic-wise. And I was quite lucky to get a ticket due to our sponsorship. The regular tickets were booked out crazy fast.

Erik: I’ve been to the UX Camp three times already. It almost feels like class reunion to me. It’s the ideal barcamp to stay up-to-date for all things UX, to watch out for trends, and of course to listen and learn. This year I also supported the organisational team as a volunteer. That’s a first for me and it was fun to experience the whole thing from the “back end”.

What did you like best about the day?

Erik: I was super happy that the event went as smoothly as it did. All the organisational effort prior really was worth it. And even though the day was quite hectic, I was able to make some time to listen to a few speakers.

Mirko: I loved the diverse topics. That’s why barcamps are such a great format. Diverse people with one major common interest coming together – that’s a guarantee for a good timetable with a lot of different topics that still are relevant to your own interests.

Which talks did you go to?

Mirko: I found it really tough to decide. In the end it was a mixture of hands-on Sketch demonstrations and general slots on topics like collaboration, work processes, and the influence of media and ads on people.

Erik: I went to a talk on the prototyping tool Framer, which we are currently testing at Ubilabs. I also found the slot on chatbots really interesting. I’m curious to see where the technology is heading. Another very relevant talk was the one on Sketch React. At Ubilabs, our UX/design team and our developers work really closely. So a JavaScript library that can make this collaboration stronger and more efficient is very welcome and will definitely be tested.

So what’s your final thoughts on a full day of user experience insights? 

Erik: The best thing about UX is that it’s such a diverse field. You can learn so much through input from so many different fields and can immediately apply that to your projects. That’s what motivates me to support the organisational team again next year.

Mirko: I’d love to take part in the UX Camp again as well. Hopefully, next year’s timetable will be just as good as this year’s. :)