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Road Weather Information System

Mobile weather reports in real time

App Simplifies Targeted Use of Snowplows

Swiss company Boschung carries out operations around the world: it uses special vehicles and electronic systems to clear surfaces such as runways and roads. An app helps ensure the targeted use of snowplows, street cleaners, and deicers.

Reliable snow and ice removal

Swiss company Boschung carries out operations around the world: it uses special vehicles and electronic systems to clear surfaces such as runways and roads. The company has precise weather data and information about the condition of roads at its disposal.

Mobile weather reports in real time 

In order to make this data useful for snowplows, Ubilabs developed a mobile RWIS (road weather information system) app. Data from weather stations can be displayed on roads and at airports on an interactive Google map using an app. 

Schedulers and drivers can adapt to changing road conditions and adjust deployments as needed. One particularly helpful feature is an alarm that automatically alerts users to changes. Monitoring stations can be saved as favorites and accessed at any time. 

Exclusively for customers of Boschung

The app is available for Android and iOS devices. It is available in five languages and provides access to both public and private data through a personal user network. Boschung customers can find the app via iTunes and Google Play Store.

Learn more about the RWIS App

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