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Making logistics processes smooth

What would our increasingly complex and ever faster-moving world look like without logistics? It’s hard to imagine; after all, society and the economy depend on reliable goods transportation and efficient delivery networks.

The path of a product from warehouse to customer costs time and money. And half of the transportation costs arise over the ‘last mile’ of delivery. Delivery to the front door is not only the most expensive stage of the process but is also proportionately the most time-consuming. So it is logical that reliable calculation of distances and traffic volumes are decisive here. And to ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly, many haulage companies today make use of location intelligence.

Our services for logistics

  • Individual route planning solutions with key factors such as weather, road conditions and traffic volumes

  • Real-time tracking for reliable plannability of time of delivery (ETA)

  • Support to dispatching with optimized, resource-saving route planning

  • Digital planning and tracking tools for process, resources and cost control

  • Reduced CO2 emissions for companies

Successful projects: