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Cloud migration – the right basis for your cloud

Is your digital infrastructure set up for tomorrow’s challenges? With Google Cloud technologies you can take advantage of the full bandwidth of flexible approaches to infrastructure modernization.

By migrating your virtual machines (VMs) into the cloud, you avoid expensive update cycles. With the aid of the Kubernetes Engine, Compute Engine and Anthos, your VMs can be migrated to the cloud quickly and easily and executed natively on containers. You can thus benefit from the Anthos cluster both locally and in the cloud and manage your Kubernetes deployments consistently.

In discussions with companies that do not yet use cloud computing, we often find that they have not correctly estimated the requirements for the use of cloud services. We support companies taking their important first steps in the cloud with a clear plan of how to proceed. Our Google Cloud experts can also make your company ready for the cloud. 

Into the Google Cloud in four steps:

1. Assess

We evaluate the source environment and the workloads that you wish to migrate to Google Cloud and determine which VMs support the individual workloads.

2. Plan

We plan the basic infrastructure for Migrate for Compute Engine and create a proof of concept (POC).

3. Deploy

We migrate the VMs from the source environment to Compute Engine.

4. Optimize

We help you to adapt the cloud technologies and functions to your needs and to optimize them on a continuing basis.

Which step do you want to take?