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CAPinside – more successful thanks to Google Cloud

CAPinside’s dynamic growth required a future-proof cloud service architecture that could ensure scalability and flexibility in an agile environment. We have helped them achieve this. 

Our customer CAPinside demonstrates the advantages of moving to the cloud, especially for fast-growing companies. CAPinside is a rapidly growing online community for the exchange of information on investments in German-speaking countries. The platform provides access to relevant, individually tailored content and suitable products - across all asset classes. CAPinside thus helps investors and intermediaries to make better investment decisions more quickly. 

From a start-up’s perspective, speed and flexibility are crucial for success. The pragmatic approach and the very good understanding of agile software development were, along with the expertise on GCP, decisive for the good result of the cooperation

Samuel Oey, CTO CAPinside

Rapid growth requires scalability 

After months of strong growth, the previous system architecture reached its limits. The lack of scalability led to performance problems, especially during peak loads. CAPinside therefore approached us for advice on a future-proof cloud architecture - and to migrate the main application to the cloud. 

The result: measurably better performance 

After extensive analysis, Ubilabs developed a Google Cloud Platform architecture with the appropriate products. By migrating to the cloud, is much more powerful, especially during peak loads. In addition, further development towards a scalable cloud service architecture is now possible. As a result, the platform achieved an average of 30 percent higher speed - during peak loads the speed increased by 80 percent. By using cloud-based analysis tools such as BigQuery and Datastudio, simple data analyses are possible.