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  • Jennifer Lin, Director of Product Management Google Cloud introduced Anthos through the example of a web-shop application (photo: Google)
  • Ready to enter: Philipp Hagmann, Lisa Däumling and Philipp Lauser (ltr)
  • Next '19 – keynote by Thomas Kurian, CEO Google Cloud (photo: Google)
  • Enjoying a trip through California with the wine train
  • Ready for keynotes, expert talks and knowledge-sharing: Our Google Cloud & Maps team Michael Pletziger, Lisa Däumling, Philipp Lauser und Philipp Hagmann at Next '19


Google announces hybrid cloud

The latest updates on Google’s cloud strategy, intensive exchange with other Google Cloud partners, and an extraordinary train ride through the Californian landscape: Google Cloud Next 2019 is our conference highlight of the year so far.

Google Cloud Next (Next ’19) is Google’s most important annual event alongside Google I/O. Among the approximately 30,000 participants: our Google Cloud team Lisa Däumling, Philipp Lauser, Philipp Hagmann, and Michael Pletziger. They used the event to exchange ideas with Google experts and other Google Cloud partners.

Anthos: Integration of external cloud platforms

Among the 122 announcements Google published during Next ’19, one is particularly outstanding for us: Anthos. Anthos is the new name for the Cloud Services Platform and now generally available on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and GKE On-Prem.

This service makes it possible to develop and manage applications in the cloud or in the company’s own infrastructure – and in the future also to expand to external cloud platforms such as AWS and Azure. From our point of view, Anthos is a clever strategic move by Google: The customer does not have to manage several clouds from different providers side by side, but has them all at a glance in an integrated Google interface. So: Hybrid cloud with Anthos as the interface.

Also interesting: the announcement of open-source integrations into Google Cloud Console. Google promises to integrate a wide range of open-source products into the cloud, such as Confluent, DataStax, Elastic, InfluxData, and MongoDB.

Partner status renewal: Ubilabs once again Google Cloud Premier Partner 

And last but not least: We are proud to renew our status as Google Cloud Premier Partner once again, providing our customers with the best service and price advantages. We raised our glasses to toast to this achievement with other partner companies during a ride in the legendary Wine Train through the beautiful Napa Valley in California. 

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