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  • This year’s virtual Christmas card by Ubilabs is a fun graphical mystery that you can solve by scrolling. (
  • Earth View and Miniatur Wunderland were some of the very first stories we contributed to Google Earth’s Voyager feature in 2017.
  • HVV in real time: The HVV Live map is a visualization of Hamburg’s public transport. (Source: Screenshot
  • Receiving awards for our project Land Lines was definitely one of our highlights this year.
  • During the official birthday celebrations in March, the Ubilabs founders were reminiscing about the past 10 years. © Lennart Ritscher


Merry Christmas from Ubilabs

2017 was a very exciting year. Ubilabs would like to thank all clients, partners, and friends by looking back at the highlights of the previous months.

This year was very special to us – it was the year of Ubilabs’ 10th birthday. The official and unofficial celebrations were the highlights of 2017, but our day-to-day work life provided many special moments as well thanks to the exciting projects we had the chance to be working on all year.

We won’t even try a comprehensive wrap-up, but would still like to mention a few highlights in addition to our anniversary. On the client side, we are particularly proud of a mammoth project that we’ve worked on in collaboration with Google: the new edition of Google Earth. We have already contributed almost 40 stories to Google Earth’s content platform Voyager. “Eclipse”, for example, accompanied the solar eclipse in summer. “Earth View” allows unique sights onto nature from far above, and "Planetary Exploration on the Earth" by the Japanese organization Miraikan lets you experience our planet in a whole new way. And what’s most exciting about this project: We’ll continue creating stories in 2018!

In addition to developing map applications for our clients, the Ubilabs team was also very active in their own side projects. One of them was the real-time visualization of Hamburg’s public transport, HVV Live, which caused quite the buzz this year. On the event level, there was also some exciting news to share. With GeoNight Hamburg, we launched a new meetup series in collaboration with Familonet. The event revolves around geo- and location-based topics and has already taken place twice, with more to come in 2018. And last but not least, we were super excited about being awarded again this year! Our project “Land Lines” was honored multiple times, receiving a Webby award and One Show Gold and Silver Pens.

We’re looking back on this successful year with pride and would like to say thank you to all of you – our clients, partners, friends, and colleagues! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of health, success, and joy.

And what’s better than a fun little Christmas-y gimmick? Nothing! That’s why this year’s Christmas greeting is available HERE. Have fun solving the graphical mystery – you just need to scroll.