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Mobility Services Pipeline: making the future controllable

Customer Project

Whether carpooling or carsharing, we help to make shared mobility even better. With analyses and forecasts for companies that wish to shape this future-orientated form of mobility as central actors. Our Mobility Services Pipeline (MSP) delivers a detailed evaluation of fleet utilization. It analyzes mobility data worldwide, almost in real time. Hotspots and typical traffic routes can thus be spotted at a glance and easily compared. Sorted clearly by time of day, day of the week or season. Where were mobility services used last week? How high is the current mobility demand for different services? How can I optimize my service territory? Where will demand next week be highest? With MSP, mobility service providers have the right answer at the right time.

Further ways to use the potentials of MSP:

  • Implementation on the powerful Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables better forecasts 

  • Google BigQuery as the central data warehouse solution and the ideal basis for visualization components 

  • Integration of results and aggregated data in urban data platforms with data from other fields for innovative smart city services

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