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Wunder Mobility – commuting in Manila with ease

Project case study

Carpooling: commuting with ease in Manila

In places like Hamburg, Munich and New York City, the range of e-scooter, carsharing and carpooling offerings is large and the shared mobility market is fiercely competitive. If you want to outpace other providers, you need a clear strategy – and relevant, data-based insights. These are made possible thanks to visualizations and analyses that are combined and obtained from data and location.

Supporting strategic business decisions in this way was also the aim of Wunder Mobility. With our help, the leading mobility tech provider wanted to gain a better understanding of how its carpooling offerings were used. To this end, in conjunction with the Wunder Mobility Summit 2019, we evaluated commuter behavior in Manila and visualized it. Where do journeys start? Where do passengers get in? Where do they go, by which routes? With the knowledge we gained, we have identified a number of different commuting patterns. For improved carpooling, less traffic and better quality of life.

  • Calculation of routes on the basis of pickup and setdown points without tracking 

  • Visualization of local use of a carpooling offering

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