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Arne Claus, Site Reliability Engineer at trivago, on stage at the Google Cloud Summit 2019 in Munich in September


How to build hybrid networks with Google Cloud

How does a globally successful online booking platform use the Google Cloud platform to ensure smooth data migration? Arne Claus, Site Reliability Engineer at trivago, reported on this at the Google Cloud Summit 2019 in Munich.

trivago’s hotel search compares the rates of over 400 online booking pages for more than 1.8 million hotels in around 190 countries. To manage the enormous amounts of data, trivago recently migrated the majority of the backend to the cloud. During the migration, the originally monolithic application was divided into individual Microservices. These Microservices run in managed Kubernetes clusters in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The services communicate via gRPC over a service network operated by Istio. A Kafka cluster manages the data transfer with Terraform automating the setups.

In this talk you will learn

  • Which is why trivago opted for a hybrid/multicloud solution with On-Prem, AWS and other Google cloud services such as Istio,
  • How Google’s network is extremely powerful and can optimally meet connectivity, architecture and security requirements
  • How to solve the challenge of data migration without network disruption

Ubilabs is Trivago’s partner for Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps Platform and G Suite. We support the company with the management of the Google Cloud Console, the optimization of the use cases and for technical questions.