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Webinar: Engage customers, improve services, deliver more efficiently with Google Maps

Getting started with Google Maps Platform

Customers today expect comprehensive service, personalized user experiences, and seamless operations. Companies need to work more efficiently to generate profits in competitive markets. A key success factor here is the use of location data. This webinar provides an introduction to Google Maps Platform - with industry-specific best practices and concrete setup instructions.

Location Intelligence as a success factor

Imagine knowing today who needs your product where tomorrow. Exactly where your supply chain snags. How your hotel can be found faster online. Or why many online customers always abort a purchase when they enter their address. And all of this is best presented clearly with customized solutions for your problem. 

There are numerous technological solutions for this. At the forefront of these is Google Maps Platform. Popular with users, simple and versatile in its application, Google thus offers every industry the opportunity to take advantage of location intelligence.

Webinar: How to get started using Google Maps Platform 

For those who want to start using Google Maps Platform professionally, Google experts have developed a free webinar. They present which Google Maps Platform offerings are suitable for different development needs, industries and skill sets. Best practices provide helpful hints for getting started with development. In addition, you will learn:

  • The benefits of location data for different industries and companies.
  • How to choose the right Google Maps platform solutions for your use case.
  • How to set up a project, secure the API key, manage usage, and get support.
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