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One map per day

Every year during the month of November, map geeks from all over the world join to take part in Topi Tjukanov's #30daymapchallenge. Some of our colleagues also took the opportunity to participate in the challenge and compete with like-minded people, to challenge oneself and to exchange ideas. The results were impressive and we wanted to share some of the great designs, stories and data visualiations.


The challenge

While the categories for each day are predefined, there are no limits to the implementation. Through creative ideas and interesting data sets, different and extraordinary maps are created on each day despite the predefined categories. Our colleagues Martin Kleppe, Sabrina Jodexnis, Patrick Mast and Achim Tack created maps that tell stories, create contexts or display geodata as small works of art!

The participants

  • Day 3 - Polygons - map style like a painting from Jackson Pollock
  • Day 09 - monochrome - reduced comic style
  • Day 21 - elevation - raw shades of the alps
  • Day 28 - earth is not flat - new perspective

Martin Kleppe

Head of Development

Martin dedicated the challenges themes to the map styling with a focus on the city of Hamburg. His maps are partly abstract interpretations of the categories reminiscent of artworks by artists such as Jackson Pollock.

  • Tag 01 - Punkte - Start der persönlichen Quest, QGis besser kennenzulernen
  • Day 09 - monochrome - Offset Look
  • Day 15 - no computer - family drawing
  • Day 18 - water - life lines of the earth
  • Day 28 - earth is not flat - keeps turning and turning

Patrick Mast

Project Owner

Patrick took the challenge as an opportunity to deal with a new topic (in this case QGis). He visualizes the whole world in his maps and shows exciting data correlations on the world map.

  • Day 4 - Hexagons - Availability Stadtrad Hamburg
  • Day 05 - Open Street Map data - distance main station to public toilets
  • Day 08 - blue - The river Elbe
  • Day 11 - 3d - memorial St. Nikolai in Hamburg
  • Day 18 - water - The river Elbe
  • Day 20 - movement - traffic in Hamburg

Sabrina Jodexnis

Software Engineer Frontend

Sabrina is also dedicated to the city of Hamburg. Her maps partly remind of illustrations in a book about Hamburg and partly they tell their own stories through the data. For example, one of her maps shows the distances of public toilets from Hamburg central station.

  • Day 11 - dD - 3d-visualization of stop density with AerialOD
  • Day 15 - no computer - crafts of subway lines in Hamburg
  • Day 22 - borders - tariff zones
  • Day 27 - heatmap - public transit

Achim Tack

Cloud Consultant Data Analytics

Achim's maps also fit in with the thematic focus on Hamburg, but he has placed all the topics of the challenge in a context of public transport in Hamburg. So far, timetables and stops in Hamburg have rarely been shown in such an impressive and extraordinary way!

One category - many map styles

The challenges always offer new opportunities to learn something, to exchange ideas with the community and to be creative. Thus, these maps are not created for a certain client project but simply from creativity and personal interpretation of the topics. So even within one categories, maps can vary a lot:

  • Day 07 - green - From global biomass distribution to parks in Hamburg
  • Day 08 - blue - from the depths of teh sea to the river Elbe
  • maps as pieces of art from Martin Kleppe
  • Day 09 - monochrome - Hamburg and the world in monochrome design styles

In the end, over 120 great maps were created from our dedicated colleagues. We didn't want to miss the chance to choose our favorite maps of the challenge 2021:

"arts and crafts" by Achim Tack

The power of maps

Naturally, we also put our enthusiasm for maps into practice in customer projects. In this interview, our colleagues Annika Bock and Patrick Mast tell you more about the significance and benefits of maps in a business context:

Interview Annika Bock and Patrick Mast about the power of maps

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