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  • Am liebsten kombiniert sie ihre Hobbys: Elli beim Programmieren in ihrem Garten. (Quelle: privat)
  • Elisabeth Hundt ist Ruby on Rails-Entwicklerin mit einem Mathematik- und Goldschmiede-Hintergrund. (Quelle: privat)
  • Mit Sohnemann Felix am Ufer des Rheins. (Quelle: privat)
  • Auf dem Weg zum Ubilabs-Büro in der Schanze: Beim Women in Tech-Videodreh hat Elli einen Einblick in ihren Arbeitsalltag gewährt.


Elisabeth Hundt: Green thumb meets Ruby on Rails

She loves coding, growing all kinds of plants, and spending time with her son, Felix. In our interview, back-end developer Elisabeth Hundt lets us in on the finer details of her job at Ubilabs, her secrets of being a working mom, and her personal and professional highlights of the past months.

What’s your position at Ubilabs?

I am working as a Ruby on Rails developer.

When did you start working at Ubilabs?

It’s been 1,5 years already, I started working here in September 2016.

What are you actually doing here every day?

Most of the time I’m developing web applications or the backend for our clients’ mobile apps. I’m also having daily standups with my team, and sometimes meet clients to discuss to-dos and bottlenecks. I’m also involved in our Friday projects, i.e. Ubilabs-internal research and development projects. I am currently reading up on machine learning together with a few of my colleagues.

What do you like most about your work at Ubilabs?

I love to code. :) And I really enjoy the close collaboration with my team and the freedom to focus on research projects of my own choice – that’s the icing on the cake.

What was your highlight here during the last couple of months?

I went to a Ruby conference in Budapest. It was awesome to meet other Ruby developers from all over the world. My second highlight was the film shoot for the Women in Tech video with my colleague Natalya. It was really exciting doing the interview about our work and what it’s like to be a woman in the tech scene.

What do you appreciate about Ubilabs?

I really appreciate the corporate culture. Ubilabs is not in it for the profit but wants to do good and create something of value. I also enjoy the enthusiasm for new technologies and the drive for research in our team. What’s also really important to me as a working mom: the flexibility of working part-time and even from home if need be.

What’s your go-to lunch spot in Schanze?

Since I’m working part-time, I usually have lunch at home.

If you’re not at work, ...

… I grow vegetables and flowers in my garden and watch the plants grow ;-). I also like to sew, go out with friends, and I love to dance. And I’m really happy when my 11-year-old son Felix joins me for a trip to the zoo or the museum.

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