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  • Our certified Cloud experts will support you as navigators on your 2020 journey to the cloud.
  • Our 2019 highlight was working for Red Bull X-Alps: With our web app, sports fans were able to follow the race in real-time – thanks to Google Cloud and Google Maps.
  • The 32 Red Bull X-Alps athletes were live-tracked on 2D and 3D maps.
  • We wish all our customers, partners, friends, and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a great start into the New Year – and lots of fun with our AR Christmas experience!


2019: On our way to the Cloud

The year is drawing to a close, so we’d like to take a moment to look back. For us, 2019 was clearly the year of Google Cloud. With building up a team of Cloud consultants, 12 certified experts, and 2 Google Cloud specializations, we are well-prepared for a new year full of Cloud momentum.

Experts for Location-Based Services and Data Analytics

As the leading Google Cloud Premier Partner in the DACH region, it was a logical step for us to add services and consulting for Google Cloud Platform to our portfolio. With 12 Cloud experts in our team we are the certified partner for Google Cloud projects, no matter if it’s consulting or development.

This year, we were the first Google partner in DACH to qualify for the "Location-Based Services" specialization. This makes us particularly proud since the specialization underlines our expertise in our focus area of location-based development. In early 2020, we will also be specializing in "Data Analytics", which will extend our Google partner status to include data analysis and visualization – our second focus area, which we were able to demonstrate in this year’s project highlight "Red Bull X-Alps 2019".

X-Alps: Sports marketing with the Google Cloud

Our favorite project this year was Red Bull X-Alps 2019. We developed a web application with which the 32 athletes of the extreme sports race were live-tracked over a span of 2 weeks. They moved through the Alps – on foot and with a paraglider – all while being equipped with a GPS device. We processed the GPS data and visualized it in real-time on 2D and 3D maps. We were able to achieve reliable performance even during usage peaks with a combination of Google Maps and Google Cloud services.

Let it snow in Augmented Reality

What would Christmas be without a little Ubilabs gimmick? Of course, we have come up with some Christmassy fun again this year and added an AR function to our 2018 interactive snow globe. Go to the Christmas website on your smartphone – there you’ll be able to place the globe right in front of you and explore it in augmented reality. We wish all our customers, partners, friends, and colleagues a very Merry Christmas and a great start into the New Year – and have fun with our AR world exploration!

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