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  • The color map makes browsing the gallery even more fun.
  • What's so fascinating about Earth View images? At first glance you usually don't recognize what kind of landscape you're looking at.
  • The Earth View update brings 1,000 new images and better resolutions.


Google Earth View update brings 1,000 new images and a color map

We’re proud as can be: The big Google Earth View update we’ve been working on is here. It has great features in store for you: 1,000 new images, a brand new color map, and a behind the scenes video that’s not to be missed! 

Brighter, sharper and even more stunning: View the world from above in the latest Google Earth View update

Earth View is a collection of beautiful landscapes, seen from space. With this update, we’re almost doubling the number of images available – 2,500 in total now – while upgrading the imagery with brighter colors and resolutions of up to 4K. The most fun way to explore the imagery is the brand new color map, which we’re especially proud of. Just move the slider to your favorite color and find stunning landscapes in that color scheme. 

To find out more, read up on Gopal Shah’s background story here, and check out the behind the scenes video showing how we’ve worked on Earth View.