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Mobility provides data. Data provides better mobility.

How can companies or cities make use of spatial data? Whether this is a municipality that wishes to optimize its bus and train scheduling or vehicle fleet owners seeking to expand, location data analyses help to ensure optimal utilization of fleets or transport connections, to expand zones of operation, to plan new locations and much more. Mobility providers from car-sharing through e-scooter sharing to ride hailing use our solutions, and so do cities and municipalities.

Our services for mobility services providers and vehicle fleets

  • Planning and optimization of zones of operation and for operation and maintenance of vehicle fleets

  • White-spot and performance analyses

  • Needs-based, dynamic pricing

  • Multimodal and intermodal routing

  • Route optimization for services and sales

  • Tracking and control of vehicle fleets

Our services for cities and municipalities

  • Creating sustainable mobility solutions for a user-centered infrastructure

  • Optimization for local public transportation infrastructure

  • Frequency and reachability analysis

  • Smart parking

Successful projects

  • Corona Mobility: How we are moving through the pandemic

    #stayhome, #socialdistancing and #flattenthecurve: The extensive measures to restrict public life are having an effect - especially on mobility behavior. But how are people actually moving differently now? Together with our friends from MOTIONTAG, we analyzed …

  • – Visualizing Hamburg's Public Transport

    Everyone who is living in Hamburg or has visited the city before knows how useless a car can be during rush hour. But public transport can be tricky as well, what with delayed subway trains, canceled  buses , and traffic jams. Franz Neubert,  …

Let's make mobility smarter together