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Google Maps Platform

Services, prices and advice relating to the Google map service

What is Google Maps Platform?

Google combines its services and APIs relating to interactive map applications in the Google Maps Platform. Anyone who wishes to use map applications with Google Maps must create a billing account – either online directly with Google or through us as a Google Cloud Partner.

These are the most frequently asked questions:

Costs & Pricing

Get an overview of the pricing model here:

Costs of Google Maps Platform

What happens if the free credit is not enough?

Can I use Google Maps free of charge in my Android or iOS app?

Integration-related problems

What does “For development purposes only” mean?

How do I integrate the Google Maps Platform into my app or website?

Ubilabs as a Google Cloud Partner

What advantages does Ubilabs offer as a Google Cloud Partner?

Partner advantages for license distribution and consulting

We are a leading Google Cloud Partner specializing in Google Maps in DACH – and offer you a number of advantages:

  • Google Cloud from a single source: Maps, Cloud, Looker and Google Workspace

  • Price advantages especially for larger volumes

  • Free US$200 credit for Google Maps usage

  • Personal consulting on the integration and optimal ROI of Google Maps

  • Reliable support from dedicated contact person

  • Payment by invoice instead of credit card

  • For corporations: framework agreements & settlement to cost centers